SMC AS1301FG-M5-04A


Suitable for applications where copper free specifications are required, the in.ûFGin. series can also be used in areas where wash down could degrade standard flow controls, such as food and packaging. This series is designed to offer the maximum control by increasing the number of turns of the needle to 10. The body and adjustment are made of high impact white resin for a clean look. This series also incorporates SMCs one-touch fitting available for tubing sizes from 4mm to 12mm OD.

  • Stainless steel specification for use in corrosive environments
  • Available with PT or NPT ports
  • One-touch fittings
  • Meter-in and meter-out types easily determined by the flow
    direction symbol on the resin body
  • Threads with and without sealant are available as standard


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