Model GL-S24FH
Type Flat type
Detection capability ø25 mm ø0.98″
Beam axis spacing 20 mm 0.79″
Operating distance 0.1 to 2 m 0.3′ to 6.6′
Effective aperture angle Max. ±3.75° (when the operating distance is 2 m 6.6′)
Light source Infrared LED (870 nm)
Response time(ms) Wire synchronization, one-line, or optical synchronization system (channel 0) ON→OFF 7*1
OFF→ON 49.3*2
Optical synchronization system (channel A or B) ON→OFF 9.5*1
OFF→ON 53*2
OSSD operation Turns on when no interruptions are present in the detection zone
Synchronization between the transmitter and receiver Optical synchronization or wire synchronization
(determined by the wiring)
Light interference prevention function Optical synchronization: prevented by Channel A and B with setting switch
Wire synchronization: prevented automatically
Control output (OSSD output) Output type 2 transistor outputs
(PNP or NPN output is determined by the cable type.)
Max. load current Max. 300 mA
Residual voltage (when ON) Max. 2.5 V (with a cable length of 5 m 16.4′)
OFF state voltage Max. 2.0 V (with a cable length of 5 m 16.4′)
Leakage current Max. 200 µA
Max. load capacitance 2.2 µF
Load wiring resistance Max. 2.5 Ω


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