Performance characteristics
Type General-purpose type
Japanese model
Work distance 190 mm 7.5 in
(Note) It is output of a laser oscillator.
Marking laser Class 4 Yb fiber laser; wavelength: 1.06 microm 0.042 mil
Marking laser : Average output 12 W (pulse oscillation)
(Note) Distance from target object varies by approx. plus or minus2 mm plus or minus0.079 in from model to model.
Guide laser / pointer Class 2 semiconductor laser; wavelength: 655 nm 0.026 mil
Marking field 90 x 90 mm 3.5 x 3.5 in
Scan speed Max. 12000 mm/s
Line speed 240 m/min or less
(Note) Varies by target object.
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